OUR MOTTO - Nurturing Character, Knowledge and Leadership


School Committees

The school has committees who preside over matters referred to them and make recommendations to the Principal on such. The school committees are:

Time-Table Committee: They create and organize the school time-schedule for all subjects and grade levels.

Examination Committees: At the end of every term, they conduct examination for the students. Also, the committee make adequate provision of examination materials.

Disciplinary Committee: They handle the irregularities and immoral acts among students and staff of the school for further disciplinary actions.

Welfare Committee: The committee is headed by Vice Principal Administration. The committee oversees the general welfare of the staff and students, including their safety and healthy, and organising social events within the school.

Sports Committee: This is committee is headed by the Vice-Principal (Administration), assisted by the Principal Education teacher to coordinate all sporting activities within and competitions outside the school.

Parent Forum

Parents Forum consists of parents of the school students forming a group with the objective of improving the running of the school. The Parents Forum helps the school management in the following ways: