OUR MOTTO - Nurturing Character, Knowledge and Leadership


All students must behave in a manner acceptable by the School. They must be well disciplined and well-behaved. The Disciplinary Committee may impose terms which will restrict the student’s participation in various activities in the school.

Discipline is the exhibition of self-control, habit of obedience to what one considers adequate to one self and not what one is told to do. It is an educational process designed to improve and perfect students’ behavior. It is to sharpen the mind to agree to do what is right and leave what is wrong. Only disciplined students obey school rules and regulations.

Major disciplinary issues in the school are:

Teachers’ Disciplinary issues:

Sanctions for Violation of Regulations

The following are some of the disciplinary sanctions which may be imposed for violations of School regulations


There must be paid within specific period of time to avoid further stringent actions being imposed. The school may impose fines up to ten thousand naira (N10,000).


Suspension is an action which exclude the student from registration, class attendance, and use of School facilities for a specific period of time. This action means that the student must immediately leave the School premises and shall not return to the school until the suspension period is over.