OUR MOTTO - Nurturing Character, Knowledge and Leadership

About the Proprietor

Sheikh Muhammad Robiu Adebayo Abdul-Malik Aniyikaye (R.T.A.)

Sheikh began formal education at a very tender age when he started studying to read the Holy Qur'an under the tutelage of Alfa Muhammadu Sadiku at Labaka in Ilorin, Kwara State Since, it was the wish of Sheikh's parents that he should become an authority in Islam, he was motivated to continue his education and this saw him moving to the house of Alfa Sambo at Okelele, in Ilorin.

It was not long after this that his parents thought of improving their economic interest, and this left before them one option, which was that of migrating to Lagos. This decision was effected in 1960 and the parents, including the young (Sheikh) Robiu, settled down at Ebute Metta in Lagos. Migrating to Lagos was never an impediment to the desire and intellectual aspiration of Sheikh Robiu.

Just as the prophet of Islam has said: "Seek knowledge from cradle to the grave"; "knowledge is compulsory on every muslim, so seek it even though in China". With the above sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Sheikh Robiu realised further the importance of true knowledge, and therefore continued his education under the able and competent scholarship of Alhaji Hidiru of Ita Elepa area in Ilorin, but based in Lagos.

From here, after satisfying himself, he moved to Alhaji Sheikh Sulaiman School of Islamic Education, Iseyin in Oyo State. Sheikh did not relent his efforts and later moved to school of Alhaji Ahmad Tijani, a native of Kishi, Oyo State, but based in Lagos. who was popularly known and called "MANY-MANY".

From these scholars, Sheikh Robiu gathered more than enough. Inspite of all these, he had not acquired enough of Knowledge. He believed that sound academic knowledge is the only weapon that can lead him to achieving greater heights in Islam both in Nigeria and internationally. He therefore enrolled himself in a school owned and supervised by the Arab Lebanese government in Yaba called "Dharu Mualimin". His basic aim was to possess certificate in the field of Arabic studies apart from the traditional Islamic sciences he had possessed from the earlier mentioned scholars. It was no sooner he started this, than he reached his goal and passed his " Sanawi" (Arabic Secondary School Certificate Examination) from the school in flying colours.

As a Sportman

He has distinguished himself, participates in many sport activities and he won many prizez and laurels in Lagos:

Contributions to Knowledge

Sheikh Robiu loves solving peoples' problems at all times. He never subscribes to anger or annoyance. He renders, in large proportion, spiritual assistance to people freely. He loves the youths a lot especially the Islamically inclined. He loves seekers of knowledge and this motivated him to establish schhools to enhance human knowledge both Islamic and western.

The following are the schools established by Sheikh Robiu: