OUR MOTTO - Nurturing Character, Knowledge and Leadership

School Curriculum Structure

Junior Secondary School (12-15 Years)

GreenDome High Schools adhere to the Nigerian Basic Education curriculum. However, the school enriches this curriculum with emphasis on literacy, numeracy, personal and social skill, knowledge and understanding the world beyond. This was planned to provide a strong foundation for success for all our students through their senior studies. During their three years in the Junior Secondary School students study the fourteen/fifteen contained in the National Curriculum. In year 9 (JSS 3), students are registered for the National Examinations, the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) for the award of Junior School Certificate.

Senior Secondary School (15-17 Years)

The curriculum is centred on the Nigeria requirements of the West African Examination Council (WAEC) and the National Examination Council (NECO). In addition, our curriculum enriches students to have access to the best worldwide educational opportunities in their future tertiary studies and to become global citizens who make a significant contribution to the lives of others.

Subjects Offered in the School

Junior Section Science Business Humanities
Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics
English Studies English Studies English Studies English Studies
Basic Science Civic Education Civic Education Civic Education
French Economics Economics Economics
Creative Arts Computer Studies/Data Processing Computer Studies/Data Processing Computer Studies/Data Processing
Business Studies Biology Biology Biology
Arabic Studies Chemistry Commerce Government
Yoruba Language Physics Financial Accounts Literature-in-English
BST: Basic Science, Basic Technology, Physical and Health Education, and Computer Science Food and Nutrition Government Food and Nutrition
Pre-Vocational Studies; Agricultural Science and Home Economics. French Food and Nutrition French
Religion and National Values: Civic Education, Social Studies, Security Education and IRK Technical Drawing French IRS
Yoruba IRS Yoruba
Geography Yoruba

School Academic Assessment

This is an integral part of the teaching process. We ensure students are continuously assessed, to give both on-going feedback (formative assessment) and to provide a score/grade (summative assessment). At the end of each week, students have a mini assessment on the subject matter covered during the week. Students are then given feedback and teachers reteach concepts, as required. Students also have assignments to complete.

There are two major assessments each item; mid-term and end of term. All assessments are recorded and provide a framework for continuous assessments. This allows the school to provide parents with balanced evidence of each child’s progress.

Examination planning and administration is the function of the Examination Committee, chaired by the Principal (Academic). The composition of the Examination Committee is as follows:

Vice principal (Administration), the Head of Departments, Year Tutor and two other academic staff. The mode of students’ assessment is as follows:

The first, second and third term examination is prepared by the school. The BECE examination for JSS3 is a Unified Examination prepared by the Lagos State Ministry of Education while Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) is reared by West African Examination Council (WAEC). The minimum number of credits for promotion is six (including Mathematics and English Language and other four relevant subjects for students in their various Departments).

Co-Curricular Activities

A wide range of diverse activities are available to students on a daily basis which inspire, develop additional skills, or simply allow students to enjoy themselves and have fun. These activities include Sorts, Arts and Culture, Music, Service and Leadership. Student select activities according to interest and many clubs from the basis of competitive offer their time to these activities which they see as complimentary and enriching to the overall curriculum. A list of sort activities includes as table tennis, indoor games like football, basketball, volleyball, scrabble and chess.