OUR MOTTO - Nurturing Character, Knowledge and Leadership

Service Terms and Conditions

GreenDome Nursery and Primary School and GreenDome High School (referred to here as GreenDome Schools) were established by the Proprietor as a limited liability entity. Thus this entity is not a charity organisation. As a business venture, the Schools are expected to provide quality educational services which parents should be prepared to pay for, at the right premium and time.

Our service terms and conditions as approved by the Management Board, GreenDome Schools are spelt out in the Clauses that follow.

Our Staff

We recognise that the key to your ward's success lies strongly in the quality of our staff. That is why we carefully select the most experienced, compassionate and qualified professionals to care for and teach your child. Staff in GreenDome schools are here because educating young children is much more than a job to them, it's their passion. Their job stem from providing children with special moments that captivate their desire to learn. Our teachers are encouraged to demonstrate the same level of care and affection for students as they would do for their own wards.

Our Clients

By definition, our Client is a parent, guardian, GreenDome School staff, individuals and organization that register(s) a child(ren) or ward(s) in any of our Schools and take(s) the full responsibility for payment of fees as may determine from time to time by the Management.