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The drafting of the school Time-Table is carried by the Time-Table Committee, headed by the Vice Principal (Academic). The committee has the following membership: the Head of Departments, the Counselor, the Year Tutors and any other academic staff as may be determined by the Vice Principal (Academic).

The committee plans the Time-Table to avoid the clashing of classes and achieve relatively even distribution of classes for the subject teachers and aid effective teaching-learning activities.

The structure of the school Time-Table reveals the following:

Frequency Distribution of Subjects

Frequency distribution of Subject is as follows; one period each for a subject is 40 minutes duration for all classes from Monday through Thursday while on Friday 1st to 5th period is 35 minutes and 6th to 8th period30 minutes.

School Decision Making

Decision making within the school takes a democratic dimension as committees are usually set up to consider issues before decision is finally taken. Where necessary an issues are brought up at the staff meeting to be deliberated upon before decisions are taken. However, occasionally the Principal takes decisions without consulting with any committee to address contingencies, but such decisions are usually communicated to concerned parties during staff meetings.