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Tuition and Payment

School Fees and Payment

The Bursary Unit issues School Bills indicating Tuition fee and other fees.

At least, 50 percent of the Tuition Fee is payable on the day of resumption for a new term/session by the parent/sponsors of returning pupils/students, while other fees are payable in full.

In the case of fresh pupils/students, Tuition and other fees are payable in full on admission.

GreenDome Schools Management has zero tolerance to indebtedness. To this effect, the remaining balance of 50 percent of the Tuition Fee is payable on or before resumption for midterm break of each term.

Parents and guardians are, by this provision, encouraged to spare our pupils/students from the embarrassing situation of having to be prevented from writing examinations due to faults of theirs. Through timely settlement of school bills as set out here, our pupils/students will be psychologically and emotionally prepared to write their examinations.

Management shall no longer accept promises from parents on payment of fees, whether on trust or in writing, due to gross abuses of such privilege in the recent past.

All payments are to be made directly to our accredited banks. We accept bank transfers, credit and debt payments. We do not accept cheques and cash payment. No cash is to be paid to any staff of GreenDome Schools or any self-styled agent. Payment tellers duly stamped by the bank are to be presented without delay to our Bursary Unit for issuance of official receipts.

For avoidance of doubt, any parent who makes cash payment to any staff for whatever reasons, does so at his/her own risk and Management shall not be held accountable for such unauthorised transactions. Any GreenDome Schools staff found to violate this extant provision on ‘no cash collection’ shall face appropriate sanctions.

Students whose parents are indebted to the School should remain at home until full settlement of outstanding bills owed to the School. GreenDome Schools will not accommodate and student dumped on the road and outside the School gate under and guise by any parent/guardian. In a nutshell, we do not accept any liability for any direct or indirect negligence on the part of any parent/guardian.

No Cash Policy

No student in the secondary school is expected to have cash at hand while in school. All cash should be paid into specified accounts of GreenDome.

School Account Numbers

S/N Bank Account Number Purpose of Payment Class
1 EcoBank 0010013897 Tuition fees JSS 1-3
SS 1-3
2 UBA 10170217437 Other fees JSS 1-3
SS 1-3

Security of Children

GreenDome Schools shall not compromise children security.